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Tea, Roses and Kardashians

I’m confined to the couch with a throat infection. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m stuck between total relaxation to allow my body to recover, and the urge to clean the growing mess that is my apartment.

There are three things keeping me sane over the last few days. Cups of tea help to soothe my throat. Chocolate roses always go down a treat. (I tell myself I need to finish the tin before my new super-healthy lifestyle begins in January.)

Yesterday I spent my time alternating between online shopping, daytime tv, and snoozing. Who would have thought that Kendall Jenner’s “low key” sweet sixteenth would involve a rooftop party, fire- eaters, an appearance by rapper Tyga, complete with a full security team?! I guess that is low key when you compare it to the Barbados trip alternative.

Today, I’m feeling slightly better. Not enough to tackle the messy apartment. I will remain on the couch, a carefully chosen location, within arm’s reach of a cuppa tea, roses, magazines, and the tv remote. After all, my recovery in time for Chrimbo celebrations is a top priority!


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