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“Is married life any different?”

After two months (14 days and 8 hours…), I’m settling in quite well to married life. My dress is dry-cleaned, presents opened, thank you cards written (almost!), and my wedding album (ordered online – the professional album can wait) is on my coffee table. As the blissfully amourous honeymoon period continues, I get asked one question at least once a week: “Is married life any different?”

Wedding day

Married life IS different. I find it hard to put into words so, in my true style, I made a list….

  1. Our evenings and weekends are free from wedding plans. I no longer spend every waking moment thinking about bridesmaid dresses, flowers, mass booklets, and menu tastings.
  2. When listening to friends’ wedding plans, I secretly feel relieved that I don’t have to make any decisions about which transport, photographer, band to book/ which songs, prayers to choose/ who to thank in my speech.
  3. I call himself my “husband” instead of partner/ boyfriend/ toyboy. (I’m still getting used to this. When people refer to my “husband”, I tend to look around to see who they could be talking to before I realise it’s me.)
  4. When we visit my parents, we get to sleep in the “married side” of the house. Initially, I was miffed at my stuff being moved out of my childhood room, but now see the move as an upgrade!
  5. I tick the “married” box instead of the “single” box.
  6. People ask all about our plans to start a family: “are you going to start soon?” “Yes, we’re planning a BIG night tonight!”
  7. We now have a joint bank account. (This could be a good thing or a bad thing – more about this later)
  8. We will now spend every Christmas together. (We just need to decide where we will spend our first Christmas!)
  9. We discuss our future together – Will we save for a house? Will we go on a holiday? How many (perfectly- behaved) children will we have?
  10. I feel more grown up. And secure.
  11. Most importantly….. as a wife, I command much more respect from the general public 🙂

Do you consider married life to be different? Why?


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