Shin splint shenanigans

About a month ago, I realised I had the dreaded shin splints. I don’t remember ever having shin splints before.

At first, I felt a little pain along my shins. I didn’t think much of it and put it down to the (extremely high) heels I had worn for a night on the tiles. A few days later, during a 5k run, the pain became worse. I googled “cures for shin splints” and discovered the common cure is REST, REST and more REST.

Some claim to have a miracle quick cure, which involve golf balls and a yoga mat. I decided to REST for a week and reassess my shin situation.

Two weeks later, I felt a little better. Just on time for the Colour Run (more about that later!). Unfortunately, this 5k walk only aggravated my problem. At work the next day, a colleague kindly advised me to splash out on a new pair of runners. My beloved runners have supported me in numerous runs. In fact, they have supported me for much longer than the recommended 6-12 months/ 500 miles.

So you know what this means…….. SHOPPING!!!!!!! The only proven instant cure for shin splints 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Shin splint shenanigans

  1. Fit Journey 50 on said:

    I love getting new running shoes! I hope it helps with your shin splints!
    –Joan 🙂

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