The perfect lasagne

My mother’s lasagne has always been a favourite dish of the family’s.  When I go home, it’s what I look forward to most!  I’ve tried to make a few adjustments to the recipe but it’s hard to beat perfection.  However, I may have succeeded to equal such a dish tonight.

I started by cooking the veg and mince meat.  (I added carrots, which she typically omits)

I added stock, tomato puree, white wine, and seasonings.  Then I let that simmer for 40 minutes (which conveniently coincided with a phone call from my dad).  My other half set about making the white sauce – milk, butter, flour, grated cheddar and fromaggio.  I then layered the meat sauce, lasagne sheets, and white sauce.  A topping of sliced tomato and grated cheddar finished it off (the wine, fromaggio and sliced tomato being my adjustments)

Unfortunately, I had forgotten about a salad accompaniment so coleslaw and sliced cucumber made a good alternative (as well as a glass of wine!)


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2 thoughts on “The perfect lasagne

  1. Sarah-Jane on said:

    The sliced tomato topping is genius as my pasta always gets a bit burnt/crispy!
    From my recent non-stop watching of the Sopranos I picked up a few Italian food tips namely that Carmela Soprano puts a layer of basil leaves under the last layer of pasta sheets. I’m totally doing it the next time … x

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