Hair today…

Having finally bought a GHD straightener only a few months back, I was devestated to learn about the damage it’s doing.  I know it seems obvious that moving two hot plates along your hair is damaging but I thought hey, how else would I possibly tame my mane?

Last weekend, I took a trip to Steel Magnolias hair salon in Stoneybatter. I was a bit nervous about going to a new hairdresser but fed up of ‘production line’ experiences at big salons. Luckily, Shelley put me at ease immediately.  I got a wash & cut and then she set me straight on ehhh straighteners:-)  She advised that I go cold turkey on my GHD & blowdry instead. My GHD was doing more harm than good & undoing the benefits of my weekly treatments. So I let her to it… Even though mousse &rollers were involved, I must say my hair looked great with volume and a ‘natural’ flicky curl at the ends. Shelley challenged me to try blowdrying for 2 weeks & I would notice the difference in my hair’s condition.

So here I am, five days in and it’s killing me not to grab my GHD before work. I blowdry my hair at night after a shower & it looks reasonably okay after 40 minutes of moussing, applying rollers & wishing I had a third arm to do the back of my head.  The following morning, I resemble someone who has been dragged backwards through a bush (Think crazy cat lady from the Simpsons).

This morning, I gave up trying to fix it & just tied it back. It has to get easier than this!  I’m going back to Shelley this weekend to get highlights done… hopefully I will pick up a few more tips then!


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2 thoughts on “Hair today…

  1. Sarah-Jane on said:

    Shelley does such a great blowdry and she is so much fun!

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