A recent spell of good weather brought us to Newgrange in Co Meath. Like many Irish tourist spots, I had heard of it but had never ventured there. I read up on its history here:  The Lonely Planet informed me that a limited number of visitors daily is allowed. A sunny day in March seemed like the perfect opportunity to see Newgrange before it became swarmed with overseas tourists.

The visitor centre is big, but doesn’t overwhelm with information.  We had about an hour to grab a bite to eat and then board the bus.  (Visitors who drive to the monument will be turned away so it’s best to buy a ticket at the visitor centre and hop on the bus.)  Newgrange glistened in the sushine.

Our tour guide brought us inside the tomb (sorry, no pictures allowed), which is much smaller than I thought it would be.  A narrow walkway opens out into a chamber with three smaller adjacent chambers.  The tourguide dimmed the lights and demonstrated how the sunlight creeps in during the solstice.

Several standing stones surround the tomb outside.

Years of effort and precision went into the building of Newgrange.

Another visit is on the cards … all I need is an excuse to go back!



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